Weight Loss Program

A fruit wrapped with inch tape and paired with dumbbell is representing weight loss program.

Weight loss program for natural weight loss

We provide a well researched weight loss program so that you achieve a natural weight loss. You will be able to adopt a healthy lifestyle which will help in maintaining the weight for long term. Our online weight loss coach provides a right mix of exercise and diet for achieving the state of caloric deficit. We plan to expand more and more calories through physical activities. Our exercise plan spark the metabolism and you will start burning calories even when not working out.

Health benefits of weight loss

Health benefits of weight loss are more important than just physical appearance. Obesity is a health problem and needs our attention as it gives birth to other diseases in body. It is one of the five symptoms of metabolic syndrome. High waist circumference increases the risk of various health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. It is very important to keep the body weight in normal range to prevent us from such lifestyle diseases.

Common reasons of weight gain

Unhealthy eating habits

Unhealthy eating habits are very common among overweight people. They are more inclined to take ready made processed food items for the purpose of convenience and taste. These type of foods generally have no nutritional value and contains preservatives which are not good for health. Random eating of food which is high in carbohydrates and saturated fats contribute in weight gain. A well balanced diet at proper time intervals is important to keep healthy weight.  

Physical Inactivity
Today physical inactivity is a major contributor of obesity problem in the world. Recent studies have shown that on an average people watch TV for 3 hours a day and use mobile for more than 2.5 hours. Therefore very little time is left with them to engage in some sports activity. Our body is made to do physical activities and if we stop it then muscle mass is dropped over the period time. Due to loss of muscle, our metabolism slows down and we start gaining the weight. 

Stressful life

Most of the people today live a stressful life and it is sometimes difficult to avoid. Due to work pressure, they skip their mid day meals quite often and increase the intake of fast foods which becomes the reason of weight gain. Stress is a silent killer and gives birth of many diseases like obesity, hypertension, high blood sugar etc. We can deal it well by adopting an active lifestyle. Regular exercise reduces production of cortisol hormone in our body which elevates the stress. 

Medical conditions
There are some medical conditions which create hormone imbalance and results in excess weight gain. Hypothyroidism, PCOD and Cushing's Syndrome are the names of few such diseases. As per medical science, medication along with exercise and proper diet can treat these conditions more effectively. Exercise improves glucose metabolism of our body and have a positive effect on hormone balance. Diet also plays the important role in regulating the hormone production in our body. 

Goal setting for weight loss

What kind of results should you expect from a weight loss program? Defining realistic but yet challenging weight loss goal is very important to begin weight loss journey. If you set too higher goals then your body gets in to shock and it becomes difficult to continue the plan. On the other hand if it is on lower side then you will get marginal gains. Generally losing one to two pounds per week is the healthy weight loss range and beyond this limit is not advisable.

Successful strategies for weight loss

1. Always prepare your meal plan in advance for the coming week. Thereafter check your kitchen and arrange if any of the food item is not available. You are more likely to stick to the diet plan if food items are available at the time when you require them. 


2. When you go to market for buying grocery items, make the food choices after observing the nutrition labels. It is not necessary that the claim given on front side of package is true. Many brands provide misleading information to just attract the consumers.

3. Build the habit of having portion control in your meals. Feeding your body with a limited quantity of food at regular intervals keeps the metabolism of body high. Over eating results in weight gain as body has tendency to store the extra food in form of fat.

4. Don’t keep junk food, soft drinks, sweets and other such food in your kitchen with no nutritional value. When we feel hunger between the meals, we eat what is available in our home. Thus keeping nutritional food items increases our chances of eating right food. 

5. Keep your caloric intake lesser than your basal metabolic rate. For that you need to calculate the number of calories consumed throughout the day. There are various free mobile apps are available to keep the food log and counting calories.

6. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Research has confirmed that water intake increases number of calories which we burn during rest period. Water intake before meal give feeling of fullness in stomach and prevent us from over eating the food.

7. Also get the diagnostic test done for food intolerance. Sometimes our body is intolerant to few food items of which we are not aware. These food items are not digested properly and cause inflammation in digestive system which leads to weight gain.

Benefits of our weight loss program

Provide healthy weight loss
Our online fat loss coach provides a healthy weight loss plan which helps in preserving the lean muscle mass. When we eat caloric deficit diet, it is tendency of our body to lose both fat and muscle mass. Due to loss of muscle as well, one feels weakness and exhausted. When weight loss is majorly through fat, you get a more defined toned look. Lean muscle mass also keep our metabolism high and help in burning calories throughout the day. 

Promote natural weight loss
Our online weight loss consultant promote natural weight loss plans to lose body fat. Research has confirmed that people who lose weight with the help of fat burner supplements tend to regain the same weight after stopping it. Fat burners affect our natural ability badly to burn the fat on its own. They also have other harmful effects which are visible in long run. One should try to expand more and more calories through exercises to achieve the state caloric deficit. 

Build successful weight management program
We build successful weight management programs by helping clients in adopting active lifestyle and healthy eating habits. Our online weight loss specialist doesn’t believe in fad diet plans like Keto Diet, GM Diet etc. They can be beneficial in short term for losing weight but fail in long run. It is very difficult to adhere to them and a person gains the same weight after discontinuing. Whereas a balanced diet plan can be followed for long term as it can be built in lifestyle comfortably.

How our weight loss program works?

Most of the weight loss plans available revolve around cutting carbs and counting calories to minimize caloric intake. For achieving successful weight loss, it is more important how you are creating the caloric deficit. We adopt a 3D approach towards weight loss. Resistance Training, Cardio Exercise & Balanced Diet are the three pillars of our online weight loss program. We build a plan with a research based combination of these three variables to ignite your metabolism and give you the best long term sustainable results. 

Start your journey toward successful weight loss!