Diet Plan

Various food items are lying on a table to show healthy diet plan.

Diet Plan for muscle gain and fat loss

We provide research based diet plan for muscle gain and fat loss goals. Our online nutrition coach helps in adopting a healthy lifestyle of eating clean food. Healthy diet is very important for the success of a fitness program. If your exercise plan is not supported by a proper diet, then your body will not be able to get proper recovery. Our nutrition plan covers below important aspects of a diet.

Right number of calories

Our online diet coach provides a nutrition plan with right number of calories for bulking up or losing weight. When our body is in caloric surplus stage, then we tend to gain weight. Similarly when our body is in caloric deficit state, then we lose the weight. It sounds very simple process, but it is not as that simple as it appears. There are many other factors which come in to play and affect the results. 


Optimal ratio of all nutrients

Our online diet fitness nutrition coach provides a diet plan with optimal ratio of all nutrients to achieve muscle gain or fat loss goals. Carbs, Proteins & Fats are the macro nutrients which our body needs for various important functions. Most of the people try to eat more and more protein to gain muscle and neglect the carbs and fats. For growth of body each macro nutrient is important and needed by the body in right amount. 

Effective pre and post workout nutrition

Effective pre and post workout nutrition are very important part of a diet plan. Our online sports nutrition coach generates the nutrition plan which provides fuel to your body for an intense workout. It also provides you the ample amount of nutrients to recover from the workout fast. Many times people take the supplements even when they are not required. Getting right amount of nutrients at the right time is very crucial part for the growth of body. 

Selection of right food and supplements

As an online nutrition specialist, we help you in selection of right food and supplements. Supplement industry is not regulated like food and drug industry. Many times companies make false claims about their product offering. As a result, you don't get the benefits for which you purchased it. We provide the information on the positive and negative side of food and supplements so that you can take informed decisions on your diet plan.