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Get your body transformed by best Online Fitness Trainer

Get your body transformed by best Online Fitness Trainer

Get your body transformed by best Online Fitness TrainerGet your body transformed by best Online Fitness Trainer

MFG Online Fitness Trainer helps people to achieve their muscle gain & fat loss goals through customized fitness plans.

MFG Online Fitness Trainer

MFG Online Fitness Trainer for building muscle and fat loss

MFG Online Fitness Trainer is among the best online fitness trainer in India. We provide personalized workout and diet plans for building muscle and fat loss. It is the most comprehensive plan and builds all the components of physical fitness. You get training for complete health, fitness and performance. So that you will not only be able to do daily tasks but also take part in competitive sports.

Plan based on your body type

We generate a unique fitness plan which is based on your body type. Each body is unique and respond differently when given the same exercise stimulus. This is the reason why most of the fitness apps fail to deliver the desired results. They generate the workout and diet plans based on few body parameters only. Our online fitness coach considers many other factors as well before making a plan.

Program customized for your needs

While customizing the fitness program our online gym trainer considers your fitness level as well as needs. "One size fits all" approach doesn't work for getting results. Program of a beginner is different from the program of an advanced person. Secondly workout plans are based on your access to exercise equipment and the time you can devote in a week. Whether you want to build muscle or lose fat, we have customized programs for you. 

Natural body transformation

Our online bodybuilding coach transforms your body through a natural process. Many gym trainers misguide youngsters by advising drugs to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass. Performance enhancing drugs are banned substances as they have adverse effect on our body which is not visible from eye. It takes time to reach your fitness goals naturally. But it's a change which can be sustained for long with no side effects in later period of life.

Training for all fitness components

Our training is based on all five components of fitness viz. muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition. All these components are interrelated and affect each other. Our online workout trainer includes all of them in the training program. For us, fitness is a bigger real goal than just muscle building to show. When you are fit, you can take out peak performance from the body. 

Weekly monitoring of progress 

We do weekly review to monitor the progress towards your fitness goals. Progressions and regressions in fitness plan are done according to your progress in a systematic manner. Our online personal trainer ensures that you move towards your goal week by week. No one reaches to his or her goals by chance in the month end. You need to accomplish smaller goals every week for reaching bigger goal at the month end.

Internationally certified coach

MFG online fitness trainer is an internationally certified coach. Most of the personal trainers in India are not certified. Some of them attend the workshops or do the training courses from unknown institutions. Taking coaching from such trainers who are not certified is putting health in to the risk. For one’s own safety, it's very important to get training from an online coach who is certified from a recognized institute. 

Expert advice on exercise & nutrition 

We connect you with an online fitness consultant who is ACE certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. ACE is considered best certification in the world for exercise and nutrition science. Thus to reach your goal of weight loss or muscle gain you need not find a personal trainer and nutritionist separately. You can get training and nutrition advice by a single person who is expert of the fitness industry. 

Demonstration of exercises

We provide demonstration of exercises through videos on your mobile phone. Many a times on social media you will find various forms of the same exercise. It becomes difficult to figure out which one is correct and one can follow for better results. Our online weight training coach makes it clear to know which one is safe and effective. We share only those exercise forms which are vetted by the science of muscle movements.

Motivation to chase goals

We always keep you motivated while you are chasing fitness goals. We understand that there are times when you feel exhausted and demotivated. It may be due to some external factors like a busy day. Or it may be due to internal factors like lack of energy from inside which pushes you for workout. Throughout the fitness journey, our online fitness coach will never let you feel alone and helps to overcome such obstacles. 

Availability throughout the week

Most of the online trainers are available to their clients for one time in a week only. Our online fitness and nutrition trainer is always available for our clients on phone and chat throughout the day. There is no need to keep your fitness related queries with you for a week. Whenever you feel stuck, you can connect us and get answers for your queries. We are committed to help you at every point so that you achieve your fitness goals.

Coaching for exercise adherence

Our online personal fitness trainer provides you coaching for exercise adherence through scientific proven methods. Adherence is the most important first step of success for achieving a fitness goal. Your half of the battle is won when you develop adherence to a disciplined routine. People leave gym as they couldn’t stick to their workout plan. They unknowingly start finding the good excuses to quit it.

Training for special population

We provide online personal training to special population also. Most of them suffer from back pain, blood pressure, sugar and previous injuries. Our online workout coach knows their special needs and exercise advice. Our training regime helps them to live an active lifestyle and become more self dependent. Exercise helps them in improving their condition and many a times reverse it too.

Training programs for various age groups

We have training programs for clients who belong to various age groups. It is a myth that only young people should do resistance training exercises. It is important in all the age groups for muscle gain and fat loss benefits. Our online personal trainer includes resistance training for all the people. Requirement of type of training at each stage of age is different but all people gain the benefit of it. 

Guaranteed results 

If you make efforts in right direction then getting results is guaranteed. Many people go to gym but majority of them fail to reach their fitness goals. They put their best efforts but all goes in to vain. Here, our online fitness and nutrition coach directs your efforts in right direction so that you achieve your goals. An effective workout and diet plan is the key to success for the achievement of goals. 

Affordable plan

Personal training plan in a gym comes with a price which everyone can not afford. But now you have a cost effective option to reach your goals with the help of online trainer. You can get the training with a world class online fitness expert at an affordable price. Our fitness coaching prices are quite economical. It is worth the money and you will get the value of every penny spent.

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