Running Plan

A female runner is doing leg stretching exercise.

Running Plan for building cardiorespiratory fitness

We provide customized running plan for building cardiorespiratory fitness to achieve various running goals. Effective training is more than just increasing the intensity and duration of run. Half marathon running plan is different from the 10K marathon plan. Our online marathon training coach provides research based plans which include the pace & duration for training runs with intervals. Below are the various running goals for which we provide plans. 

1) General Health 

We provide various forms of cardio exercises for improving general health. Running and jogging are the important forms of cardio exercises. They keep your heart healthy and beneficial for people in all age groups. All healthy people should do at-least 150 min moderate cardio activity or 75 min high intensity activity in a week. 

2) Fitness 

Our online running coach provides plan to improve cardiovascular endurance. It is one of the important component of physical fitness. Running exercises help in losing the fat as well as improve circulation of blood in body. It also increases your self confidence to take part in various sports activities which involves running.  

3) Marathon Run

We provide you the plan to build cardiovascular endurance for taking part in long distance runs like 5K, 10K, 21K and full marathon. It makes necessary fuel available to working muscle and you don't get fatigued early. We also help in conditioning your body to prevent from injures associated with running.  

4) Competitive run

There are runners who strive to reduce their pace for competitive timed runs. To achieve such goals they need help of a professional who can guide them correctly. Our online running trainer provides sound exercise and nutrition plan to improve their body composition. It helps them in enhancing their performance by increasing the speed.