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Online Fitness Coaching Program

Know our online fitness coaching program

Our online fitness coaching program is based on the integrated fitness training model of functional and resistance training. It is a proven method of fitness industry and you can be rest assured to get the results. We follow a very systematic process and it is well suited for the people of varied fitness levels. That means, it will be comfortable for a beginner and at the same time challenging for an advanced person. Below is the step by step process which we follow to progress your fitness to a next level. 

Understand your health and fitness

In the very first session of online gym training program, we try to understand your health and fitness. To know your medical history is very important for us. We want to make sure that there is no medical direction by the doctor to not take part in exercise. If there is any medical condition then we strictly follow the recommended exercise guidelines given by the doctor. Your safety is our first priority and we don't compromise on it.


Know your current lifestyle

Next step is to know your current lifestyle and the daily routine which you follow. Our objective is to design a plan which is built upon your existing habits so that you can adhere to it. We follow a scientific approach in our online fitness and nutrition coaching programs to bring the changes in your current routine. Though it takes time to build new habits but the changes sustain for long term. You get the benefit of good lifestyle habits throughout your life.

Set up fitness goals

Setting up fitness goals rightly is very critical for the success of any fitness regime. Many a time people leave the workout as their expectations didn’t meet. Goals should definitely be ambitious but realistic also. In our online fitness training program, we discuss your specific goals and lay down a time frame for achieving short term and long term goals. We ensure that you progress to your fitness goals of muscle gain or weight loss weak by weak.


Explain basic movements

If you are a beginner and have never done the exercise in past, then we first explain you the basic movements. Weight training is built on few basic primary movements only. These movements help us in both exercise and daily activities. Our online weight training program increases self confidence of the people who take part in exercise first time. They enjoy the exercise and adopt it in their daily routine easily.


Correct exercise form 

To get the benefit of any exercise it is very important to do it in correct form. We check your exercise form through the exercise videos. If we see any deviation in the posture or movement, then we first identify the reason of it and then train you to correct it. We plan training sessions of loaded exercises after correcting the exercise form. Objective of our online personal training program is that you do exercise in correct form only.

Design workout plan

In our online workout training program, we design a customized workout plan for each month. Number of days kept in the training plan matches your availability and time which you can commit for it. Exercise routine contains the list of exercises for each body part you need to do. Each exercise will also have recommended numbers of repetitions and sets of the exercise. Rest period is defined between the sets according to your training goal.

Generate diet plan

We generate a sound diet plan which supports your hard work in gym. For designing it, we discuss your eating habits and food choices so that you can adhere to it. A perfect nutrition plan is that which provides all necessary nutrients for recovery and you can adhere to it. In our all online fitness and nutrition training programs, we emphasize that you should get all the macro and micro nutrients from core food only. We try to minimize usage of supplements.

Review the progress

Post generation of exercise and nutrition plan, we do weekly reviews to keep check on your progress. Objective of our online bodybuilding program is to ensure that you are always on right track and reach your goals. Based on your progress towards goal, progressions are done in your workout and diet plan. We also discuss the challenges which you are facing and the way to overcome them. You can book the appointments for weekly review as per your preferred date and timing.


Answer your queries 

You can call us at any convenient time to get the answer for your fitness related queries. Our online fitness training program keeps you connected with fitness coach even when you are not working out. You can workout at any place of your choice. Be it your home or fitness center, you can reach us through a phone call or whatsapp message. We ensure that you keep on moving and achieve your fitness goals.

Provide app for ease 

We provide an online personal trainer app for managing day to day things of online personal training program. You can book appointments for weekly consultations on it. Demonstration of exercises for each body part can be checked through exercise library. In personal profile section, one can keep the records of body stats to compare it later. Exercise videos can be uploaded on it to share with us. You can also make the payments online through it.


Assess your fitness level

Finally we do the assessment of your fitness level after completion of a defined period. It is done against the goals which we have discussed and set in the beginning. On the achievement of fitness goals, we set new challenging goals to chase. Objective of online fitness coaching program is not limited to lose weight or gain muscle. We coach clients to make fit on all the parameters of physical fitness.